Beta 2.6.4 - Monster Counter-attacks

Tonight's build includes a big addition to the new combat counter attacks. This took a bit longer than I expected to get in as it required some changes to the core system to get working. I'm really happy with it though.

As you can see in the gif above, the monster dodges back and then immediately attacks. For now the system is set up so about half the time they counter-attack and the other half they just run back into the fight. Once implemented for real, certain monsters will be more likely to counter-attack than others. As well as monsters having different likelihoods for dodging back in the first place.

I have this set up so that you have time to block this counter-attack, but not a lot. If you're caught off guard, you're probably going to get hit! :) For now, counter-attacks do double damage, but I might make them do something else in the final version of the new combat system.

This build also includes some tweaks and fixes to the combat system.

  • Decreased the amount of time you have to wait after doing a Kick Attack before you can block or dodge - this was mostly to give you a chance to block a counter-attack after a monster dodged your kick.
  • Fixed a bug that caused monsters to always strafe to the left first when getting close to you.
  • Updated the monster knock back system to be more predictable. Prior to this, sometimes a kick would knock a monster back a short distance (as expected) and other times it would knock them back really far. The updates to the system fix this so kicks and shield bashes always knock monsters back the correct amount.

With the addition of monster counter-attacks the majority of the code is in place for the new combat system. I still have to hook it all up to the stamina system but that will mostly use the current system. Once that is in place, the test map will pretty much be indicative of how the system will work once placed in the main game. I'll be focusing on testing and refining it at that point.

Thank you again everyone for the feedback, it's been super helpful and I really appreciate it...I can't wait to get this into the game for real! :)


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