Beta 2.6.3 - New Combat Monster Dodging

A quick update that adds monster dodging. The ratmen will now sometimes dodge away from your attacks. When they do this, they will run back into the fight and sometimes attack immediately upon getting in range. It's a bit rough because this is simulating a counter-attack which will eventually be a jump forward and attack animation all in one.

Also fixed a couple of bugs:

  • Kicking when there are no monsters left will no longer get you stuck infinitely kicking the air.
  • Fixed a bug related to monsters getting knocked back.

Next up I'm going to add the better monster counter-attack after dodging as well as the system that determines what monsters do once they dodge. Sometimes they will do the counter-attack, other times they might pause for a bit, and sometimes they'll run back into the fight. 

In addition, I'm going to refine the monster knockback and knockdown part of the system as sometimes when you hit a Ratman with the normal attacks, it gets knocked back too far and your next attack misses. This shouldn't happen.

After that, I'll be adding stamina, the dash attack, and the rest of the system.

Once everything is in, I'll be doing a polish pass to make the animation transitions smoother and the whole experience feel tighter. My goal for now is to get everything in and then refine and adjust as needed.

Thank you again everyone for the feedback!


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