Beta 2.6.2 - Combat Updates

A bunch of updates and fixes for the new combat system in tonight's build.

  • You can no longer change targets once you start an attack until that attack finishes.
  • Added a check to make sure you are facing your target when checking to see if an attack hits.
  • Turned off the stamina part of the UI since that's not in yet.
  • Added basic monster attack and damage (you can't die tho)
  • Added sound effect and short camera shake when you take a hit. Eventually I'll add the floating numbers too.
  • Changed the Kick and Shield Bash to use the same key (R).
    • Pressing R will perform a Shield Bash if you successfully blocked an enemy attack. 
    • Pressing R will perform a Kick if you haven't blocked an attack.
    • You'll have a short timer (about 3 seconds) to do the Shield Bash before pressing R will return to performing a Kick.
  • Removed the Shield + Stun attack as it was redundant. The Smash Attack will eventually have a stun effect added to it.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that were caused by holding right mouse button and holding left mouse button the same time.
  • Holding right click after the shield timer drains will now correctly result in your getting hit.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that caused the character to get in a stuck state - mostly from spamming attack buttons.
  • The camera shake will no longer occur if you successfully block. This should only happen if you take a hit.

Note the monster attack is very basic and I haven't updated the overhead test text to say they are attacking. Once I add more advanced monster attacks I'll add to the test text and also have the text change color so it's easier to determine what the monster is doing.

I just finished adding the basic monster attack so it may have some bugs, but I wanted to get this build out to you all for feedback. I'll also be testing the monster attack and will fix any bugs I find.

Thank you for the feedback and the support everyone! If you'd like to post feedback on the system, you can write on the forum post or in Discord!




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