Alpha 0.5.02: Build Menu Updates and Updated Water

Alpha 0.5.02 includes a bunch of updates and fixes related to the town building menu. In addition, I also changed some of the settings for the water that I think makes it look a lot prettier. The following screenshots show the old water (left side) vs. the new water (right side) during sunrise and mid-day.


Alpha 0.5.02 includes:

  • You can delete a Stone Wall by holding left-control and pressing the right mouse button. Other structures cannot be deleted, yet
  • The Fishing Pier no longer requires stone to build
  • Moving the Fishing Pier now correctly moves the Fisherman associated with that Pier
  • Removed the Fishing Pier and Woodchopper from the Misc tab in the build menu
  • You can move the build camera when in build mode down to the area where Fishing Piers can be placed
  • Mini Mushroommen will no longer spawn inside towers as part of the Shroomin Quest
  • Updated some settings for the water

Still working on the combat system update as well. I hope to have something for you all to try out by the end of the week.


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