Alpha 0.5.0: New buildings, new quests, and more!

Alpha 0.5.0 includes two new buildings, three new quests, and a bunch of fixes and optimizations. In addition, I'm still working on the new combat system although that is not in this build.

Gone Fishing (or... I'm on a Boat!)

The Woodchopper

Alpha 0.5.0 includes:

  • New structure: The Fishing Pier. Provides food similar to a farm.
  • New Structure: Woodchopper. Speeds up the rate at which trees regrow (he will eventually cut down trees to help your workers too)
  • Three new quests!
  • Changed the tutorial quest to craft a copper weapon to craft any copper item. This quest was filtering out the non weapons to avoid the player crafting the wrong thing, but this also made it appear that the Metalworker didn't craft anything other than weapons
  • Fixed collision for some buildings so camera won't clip through walls when zoomed out (still have more to do)
  • Changed collision for buildings with inaccessible lower levels so if you get stuck inside one, you can just walk out now
  • After completing the trapped miner quest you can now press ESC to leave
  • Optimized the particle effect for cursed trees
  • Fixed an issue related to placing Wooden Houses


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