New quest and New Feature: Shaydee Business

Today's update includes a new quest and a new feature! The ability to sell back items that you no longer need has been a very popular feature request since early access started...

So, meet Shaydee the Goblin! 

Shaydee isn't like other goblins, he doesn't want to fight, he just likes to collect stuff and wants to open a shop. Help Shaydee build his shop outside of town and he'll buy your old weapons and armor from you!

Quick note: As the game was never balanced with selling back items in mind, Shaydee's prices are currently set a bit low. A full set of Copper Armor, Weapon, and Shield yields just under the amount of gold as killing two spawns of monsters. Sets made from better ore yield more gold. I'll probably be tweaking the prices and the costs of structures over time.

Alpha 0.4.3 includes:

  • A new quest, Shaydee Business
  • Help Shaydee build his shop and he'll buy weapons and armor from you
  • If you have placed the Champion's Home, you will respawn outside of the home after you die rather than at the starting location
  • Added footsteps sound when running on dirt
  • Added a music mute button
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the mini mushroommen to get stuck in the air during the Shroomin quest


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