New Map Preview Build

I spent a bunch of time this weekend on the new map and while it is not completed yet, I've made a new build that will allow you to check it out in its current state. 

To see he new map, make sure you have the latest build (0.3.13b), hold down left-shift and press backspace. This will load the scene with the test map.  

To get back to the title screen, press ESC. When you first appear in the map you will be facing north with the castle area to your back. Willow Grove is to the west and the ruins are to the east.  There are also a few new points of interest on the map and I plan on adding at least a couple more. 

There's still quite a bit left to do, but I'm happy with it so far and hope you all like it as well! 

If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to post them in the discussions forum.

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