The Champion's House Update

Today's update includes the first phase of the Champion's House, a home for you to place and decorate for yourself!

The Champion's House is the largest home in HammerHelm, befitting of your status as the town's Champion. 

Inside there is ample room to place and store many objects.

Placing an object is easy. Simply right-click it in your inventory and then left click to place. 

Beds, Dressers, Tables, and more. You can rest in the bed to quickly regain health.

More items will be added in the future, including weapon and armor racks that allow you to show off your items, as well as shelves that can display other crafted items, additional light sources, etc.

And yes, that practice dummy in the background of the above screenshot works. :)

Full Patch Notes, Alpha 0.3.11 includes:
  • The Champion's House is now available in the build menu!
  • Craft interior objects such as beds, tables, and more at the Carpenter
  • Rest in your bed to quickly regain health
  • More objects and placement options will be coming in future builds
  • Structures that require Wooden Houses as prerequisites will now also count Stone Houses
  • Fixed a bug related to loot in the Strange Activity quest sewers
  • Monster hit point bar colors are easier to see
  • Monster hit point bar brightness always remain at the same 
  • Changed the color of ore deposit hit point bars (light blue) to differentiate them from monsters


HammerHelm Full Alpha 1 GB
Version 58 Aug 07, 2017

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