Alpha 0.3.06 (New Quest!) is available

Alpha 0.3.06 includes a new quest involving the Metalsmith! The Metalsmith has discovered a way to improve your helmet, if you can find the cave with the strange elementals in it and obtain an as of yet, undiscovered ore. 

This build also includes some requested features and a couple of bug fixes.

Alpha 0.3.06 includes:

  • A new quest! Upgrade your helmet by completing the Metalworker's quest.
  • A new helmet, the Ram Helm (acquired by completing a quest, comes in all ore types)
  • Reduced the cost of stone to build the Barracks (note the Barracks are still not implemented yet, but you can build the structure)
  • Added rotation to camera when in build mode (A and D keys)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the trapped miner to sometimes become invisible
  • Fixed a bug that caused fireplaces and chimneys to disappear when moving a home


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Version 48 Jul 31, 2017

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