Alpha Build 0.3.04: I believe I can fly (no, you can't)

Alpha Build 0.3.04 is live. This update includes a big fix to monsters who weren't using gravity correctly. The Goblins especially yearned to fly. Not in my world, punks!  

 The build also includes some more updates based on player feedback in the discussion forums. 

 Alpha 0.3.04 includes: 

  • Monsters now use gravity properly (no more floating monsters!)
  • You can use the mousewheel to zoom farther or closer to your character (note zooming out will lower FPS a bit so be careful with this!)
  • Item stacking code has been improved
  • The "Press G to drop off resources" message will no longer appear while you are moving the location of the Storehouse
  • Using the "T" key while renaming an NPC will no longer open the NPC dialog UI if you are near an NPC
  • A setting to Invert Mouse has been added to the Settings Menu
  • Settings Menu options for music and mouse sensitivity now correctly display your current saved settings

I'm hoping to add some more quests in the coming days as well as some other new features.


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