Alpha 0.3.2 (More Farm updates and optimizations) is available

This build includes a big optimization to the way the terrain is modified when placing or moving buildings. Also some more updates to Farming as I try to find a happy balance between harvesting and food consumption. Really appreciate the feedback from everyone on this!

Alpha 0.3.02 includes:

  • A new quest: Walking Stone (and a new monster to go with it!)
  • Crops appear differently depending on whether the farmer is able to harvest them or not. This will help clear up confusion while the farmer is tending, but not harvesting, the crops
  • Increased the amount of food Farmers deliver to the Storehouse each harvest
  • Fixed a bug that caused food to go over the Storehouse's maximum capacity
  • Increased the lighting in dungeons and caves
  • Jade and Gold can be smelted at the Weaponsmith as well as the Armorsmith
  • Updated the terrain change system when placing buildings or moving an existing building
  • Added missing collision to Stone Entrance when first built


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