Alpha 0.3.01 (Bug Fixes) is available

Just released a new build that fixes a few bugs that players reported last night.

  • Fixed a bug that caused healthy trees to drop cursed wood after the Cursed Wood quest has been completed
  • Fixed a bug that caused stamina to not regenerate after performing a Smash attack
  • Fixed a bug that caused stamina to continue to drop if a UI was opened while sprinting

Thank you to those of you who posted the bug reports. I very much appreciate it!

I'm also working on an update to Farms and harvesting to make it more obvious when a Farmer should harvest. Right now after planting all of the crops, the Farmer will continue to walk around the farm and tend the crops. This makes it look like the Farmer should be harvesting even though the crops aren't fully ready yet. I wanted to get these fixes in first however so the Farms update will be in the next build.


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