Alpha 0.3.0 (Farming Improvements) is available

Alpha 0.3.0 includes:

  • Major update to farms and farming to make farmers more predictable with how they harvest and deliver food
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused farmers to stop harvesting and go back to planting after an event (such as a quest that makes them stop farming)
  • Fixed a similar bug related to farmers not continuing to harvest after saving and reloading the game if they were in the middle of a harvest
  • Reduced the chance of getting the Cursed Farms quest.
  • Fixed a collision bug with Stone Walls

It may take a day or two (in game) for the changes to have a noticeable affect on your town's food resources. But don't worry, NPCs don't starve to death. Lack of food lowers their mood, but once they eat that mood debuff is immediately removed.


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