Alpha 0.2.39 (Necromancer Tower)

Released Alpha 0.2.39 today. It includes:

  • A new quest, The Necromancer Tower. This quest will be expanded but I wanted to get the main Necromancer fight into the game
  • Fixed a bug related to renaming NPCs
  • You can now jump over the fences on the farms (a lot of people were asking for this!)
  • Added the potions to the item viewer in the crafting UI

The Necromancer spawns Ghosts that attack you and he is immune to your attacks so you have to use his magic against him!

Continuing to work on the player house and the town attacks but I also want to be sure and update the game as often as I can in the meantime!


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Nice job! Have you tried any other way to display health, or different "falling" animation for health?