Big Update In Development

I wanted to write about a Big Update that I'm working on for HammerHelm. This update will include a lot of changes and improvements, including new Dwarf models (females and males!), new buildings, new original music, and more. Here's a quick taste of the new character creation system and some of the new music!

As part of the upcoming Big Update, early Character Creation using the new Dwarf Female character! The male is still in production. The video only shows three, but when this launches, there will be six hair options. And of course males will also have beard options too!

Also new music for the title screen and wilderness adventuring. HammerHelm's first original tracks as the previous music was placeholder from asset packs. There are also a few more pieces of original music for adventuring in dungeons and caves that I'll be showcasing at a later date!

Note the hair physics need a bit of tweaking but overall I'm really happy with how it animates as she runs and fights.

I'll be posting more about the Big Update as it progresses!


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