Latest Updates

Lots of updates to HammerHelm over the past month, including:

Combat updates to make combat smoother and easier to control.

  • You can turn your character while attacking 
  • When clicking to attack a monster your character will stay facing the target unless you move the mouse to turn your character
    • This prevents the case where sometimes your character would walk past a monster while attacking it even though you hadn't moved the mouse
    • Note that moving the mouse while attacking will override this
  • When mining ore or chopping a tree your character no longer moves
  • Improved animation transitions for attacks
    • Your character won't pause between attacks if you continue to click
    • This also means your character attacks a bit faster overall

Feature Updates, Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Key rebind system. Keys can be changed once in game in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to fail to save if you had over 50 townspeople.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Caves to fail to spawn monsters after crafting blood stone items
  • If your character starts inside a building after loading a save, the building interior will now load properly
  • Updated camera to zoom closer to the character when entering a building if the camera is zoomed far out
  • Various other camera collision improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused the character to stop sprinting after jumping
  • Fixed a bug that caused the road placement tool to fail to remove grass
  • Optimized town buildings to improve performance a bit


HammerHelm Full Alpha 1 GB
Version 119 Nov 25, 2017

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