Halloween in HammerHelm!

Today's build includes more Halloween stuff! This content is limited until November 5th.

Defeat the strange Pumpkin Spirits to gain resources you can use to craft special Halloween items! 

Pumpkin Spirits and Pumpkin Trees

The Bubbling Cauldron and the Jack-O'-Lantern Practice Dummy

Be on the lookout for even more Halloween content and craftables! 

The Pumpkin Spirits will begin spawning once you have at least one farm. There is no quest, just find them and defeat them and then chop down the Pumpkin Trees to get the special pumpkin resource!

This content will be available until November 5th. After that, these items won't be craftable again until next Halloween.


HammerHelm Full Alpha 1 GB
Version 101 Oct 28, 2017

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