Road Placement Tool

Alpha 0.6.02 includes another popular requested feature from the community - a road placement mode! In the above screenshots you can see that I've added roads leading to the doors of the buildings, including a road leading through the Woodchopper's footprint all the way to the door.

  • You can place roads in your town
    • To do so you will need to have a Stonemason
    • Enter build mode (P) and press left-shift + R to enter road placement mode
    • Placing road does not use any resources
    • You can place roads anywhere in the town build area, except for over Farm or Graveyard dirt
    • You can also use the tool to remove road and replace it with grass. This even works for roads placed as part of placing a building
  • Pressing - or + will zoom the camera in and out in build mode
  • Darkened the grass a bit (it was a bit too neon green at times)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Farm's lantern to turn on when first place during the day
  • The storage chest now appears properly in the preview window of the crafting UI


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