Alpha 0.6.0: New Combat System!

The new combat system is live as part of the Alpha 6 release! 

The new "How To Fight" UI can be accessed from the Title Screen or in game through the ESC menu if you need a refresher.

At first the system may seem a bit complex, but really all you need to remember to fight effectively is:

- Left click to attack
- Right click to block
- Middle button or R to use power attack

For those of you who have been playing HammerHelm for a while, the new system may take a bit of getting used to. I think it's way more fun though and I hope you do too!

As part of this update monster damage has been reduced as well. I will be tweaking that along with health potion heal amounts as I get more feedback on the new system.


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Version 87 Sep 17, 2017

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