Beta 3.1 - Combat Tweaks and More

Beta 3.1 includes:

  • Dash now correctly knocks down monsters
  • Dash cost set to 30 stamina (was 40)
  • Extend the range of your attacks hitting as sometimes it looked like you were close enough but the attack would miss
  • Added Carpenter and Stonemason UIs to explain that they use resources (wood and stone) and that you can toggle them off if you want to focus on getting resources to build structures
  • Fixed the Orc Island Waterfall
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the last ingredient for last item in sorted list of craftable items to not display
  • Changed cycle quests to Left control + TAB rather then left shift as this was causing a conflict with the Steam overlay
  • Switched Controller buttons. A = jump, B = open town, Y = interact - will post full controls at bottom of this announcement
  • You no longer have to press shift - V to open the townspeople UI. Just pressing V will open it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Blue Wisp quest to automatically give you the Wisp rather than have you find it.

Next up I'm going to add the remaining keyboard commands to the key bind list, including opening the townsperson UI.

I'm also still working on controller support. I'll be adding support for more UI over time. The updated controls for the controller are as follows:

Updated Xbox Controller Functions

  • Left Stick Up - move forward
  • Left Stick Down - move backwards
  • Right Stick left or right - turn left or right
  • Left Stick Right/Left - strafe right or left (if you have a target this will circle strafe the target same as pressing D or A)
  • Left and Right Bumpers - roll left or right
  • Right Trigger - attack
  • Left Trigger - block
  • Right Stick up - cycle target
  • Back - cancel target (if no target, opens Options UI, same as ESC key)
  • A button - Kick or Shield Bash (if no target, jump)
  • B button - power attack or dash attack (if no target, opens town manager UI)
  • X - open build menu (if in town)
  • Y - interact with NPC, open treasure chest, etc. (if nothing to interact with, opens inventory)
  • D-pad left or right - cycle active hotbar slot
  • D-pad down - use potion in active hotbar slot

-Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna

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