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HammerHelm community

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Development Roadmap Update
A quick update about some new stuff I am working on, short-term and long-term for HammerHelm. And by "quick", I mean lots and lots of stuff. :) I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Aside from uploading builds, HammerHelm isn't real...
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Latest Updates
Lots of updates to HammerHelm over the past month, including: Combat updates to make combat smoother and easier to control. You can turn your character while attacking When clicking to attack a monster your character will stay facing the t...
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Halloween in HammerHelm!
Today's build includes more Halloween stuff! This content is limited until November 5th. Defeat the strange Pumpkin Spirits to gain resources you can use to craft special Halloween items! Pumpkin Spirits and Pumpkin Trees The Bubbling Caul...
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Multiple Character Slots!
Pressing the "Play Button" will open a window allowing you to choose a character slot. There are 5 slots and the first slot is automatically taken by your current character if you have one. You can now save up to 5 different characters Pres...
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Road Placement Tool
Alpha 0.6.02 includes another popular requested feature from the community - a road placement mode! In the above screenshots you can see that I've added roads leading to the doors of the buildings, including a road leading through the Woodc...
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Storage Chests
The Alpha 0.6.01 build includes some community requested features, including a new placeable object for your home, Storage Chests! These can be crafted at the Carpenter and placed in your home to store items. Note that once placed, a Stora...
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